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Hi im Rimahdog!! I love Fashion,Gaming,Music and lots of other stuff ( thats why im making this blog :P) I love play minecraft and other games and I love the sims!


on this blog I will be talking about Music,Fashion,Gaming,Minecraft,Surviving School, and TONS of other stuff! Ill also be giving tips about Back to school(that includes all of that stressful back to school prep) Freinds and mutch more

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July 14th 2015. Today I will be writing about back to school. I am going to be going back to school very soon and im going to be switching schools so that will be interesting!! Ok back to the point,going back to school is very stressful for some. The most stressful part of going back to school is worring if the school I want to go to has space. Sence I went to a privite school i had to worry if the school had space for me. Whats also stressful ( for me) is back to school shopping! Its hard beacuse you just dont know whats In or Out or if someother girl has that shirt or if she looks better in that skirt than you. All I have to say is.... Oh Lord. Back to school shopping sucks. Its fun but....HARD!! When I go back to school shopping....God...my parents are just a huricane of try this on,make sure it fits, oh this is cute! It drives me crazy! But! This dose not have to be a stressful prosess! Im not trying to go all debby downer on ya'll but just for my sake I might through in some... lets say...some TERRIBLE NERVE WRAKING STUFF ABOUT SCHOOL!! JK! Ok so ( this is off topic BTW) if you


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Hey guys its Rimdog! Hope you all are doing well because I am! I just took a Who Are You from Once Apon a Time Quiz and I got Ruby/Red!!